Hardy Peonies

Cold Hardy Peonies is peonies that can stand down to minus 40 degree of Celcius
We will start with the tree peonies, also called peony bushes.
The most hardy of them is the so called Paeonia Rockii or in chinese Ganzu Mudan
It is importend if you get tree peonies from China to know from what zone they are grown in – as there are hybrids between P.rockii and P. suffruticosa, than are NOT hardy.
Next to P.rockii is Peonies of the family named delavayii – as P.delavayii – a dark red to black colored flower – to P.delavayii lutea with yellow flowers – also the ones with the name P.potanini is so hardy, this one has colors of yellow  – the P.potanini troloides is more strong yellow – potanini has stoloniferous roots – it means they spread by stolons under the soil.some breeders has crossed this ones and a very common one is an orange hybrid between P.delavayii dark red and P.delavayi lutea yellow and or p.potanini yellow
As we are late in the season some of this tree peonies has to be ordered soon from the growers – i will put some adresses here i can recommend
This tree peonies will grow from 150 cm to 230 cm and can be grown in half shade to full sun, it can take some years for them to get their full height and also they are very wide.. means as wide as their height.

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