Womb Wisdom

In my learning from Nomad Winterhawk, he learned us about the women`s Womb – and that it had another language.. than the man way – All women on this learnings could relate to this knowledge.
I got a new friend there, Janni, she had already learned some of it by her work with ancient natives in USA she recomended me a book to read – `She who remembers` – this book send me on many travels in my spirit and dreams, i began to remember i also had lived some of this, there was decriptions by some old culture – they lived in the mountain where they had layers to live in but also kivas in the soil, where they did ceremonies, they had the corn good, where the pollen from the corn where sacred

– By reading this book i followed some of her ways and 1 – was to connect to the Earth mother with my womb – I lay down on the soil and did the connection in nature, also i had dreams where i was nature, and melted into the soil and stones – This connections went very strong and i could se the earth mother when i did the ceremony and looked down – i also began to connect with other parts of the nature like the water the streams the lakes, i lived by a little lake once – called mossea and one day i was walking by it i got a big vision

– i looked out over the water, and suddenly i got into a trance.. I saw myself and the people i would meet.. the sun shined and i met the lake goddess, she has since then been one of my guides i call her – Lake sister Mossea, and i did put crystals into her lake and specialy i found that clear crystal balls make her see our world more clearly. -This vision is the one i begin to open up and show others today – here… it is over 20 years ago

Later i added more sea sisters and also here i did trow crystals down to their bottoms, now my sea dreams began on lakes but also on the ocean

My new sister Janni also had knowledge about sacred weels.. so we decided to go visit some sacred well s.. what we did that we both found that the well has an deva, so speaking to the deva and learning from her began also to be some of my knowledge, as i also did plant medicine i used the well water in them – to collect water from a sacred well and put it together with a plant deva is a sacred ceremony – when you then add the moon light or sunligh it rise in energy levels – I also learned the way to upgrade the levels and later i learned the way to keep this energy, as water remembers and when you freeze water, it keeps this energy – and if you can learn to accept that plastic bottles and plastic containers for making ice cubes – can be used – your freezer can be full by knowledge, mine are.

Ancient knowledge by women knows, that – a women who has her time with her bleeding is in a special time sphere – where she and her womb is very close to the wisdom kept by the waters, its also very clear, that doing a ceremony in that period near some lake of a sacred well, does upgrade the ceremony, the water cleanse the mind and the womb mind and other ways of doing things can come into this women s knowledge.

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