Seeds by Golden Queen

This Tree peonies, we grow, set seeds..

For several years now, we have collected seeds of the 2 father /mother plants – Tree peonies

The one we call the Mther.. we have given the name :
Golden Queen
We are very sure that she is a advanced generation seed made by Bill Seidl – a friend trough many years, he made many crosses and he did sell his seeds, as he had so many he could not grow them all.. But also he was a generous person.. one who shared..
The so called father tree peony is 2 coloured yellow ang orange and is from New Zealand `Hamilton did make it and its name is Circus Circus

We found the seeds are not true hardy in its first year.. so last year we lost about 30 second years small tree peonies – this year, from a smaller amount, we have split the seedlings, so we grow the in 2 locations – one here under cover and the other by Michael digged by the mother plants.

Right now january d. 17 – 2019 I have just checked the seed batch and they are beginning to sprout.. few .. but they are..

9 bags by Golden Queen
2 bags by Circus circus

When you make crosses, you choose the mother name first as so :

date ( Golden Queen x Circus Circus )

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