Dreams came true – Learned that family of hybrids could croos made me choose 2 from same family – the 1 is called Little Princess – and the other has the group name T. ophanidea flava ( flava means yellow ) – I plantet them in 2 ways – in tulip boxes and in mixed bulb boxes – Also i had one that i plantet in the soil last year – they turned out to act different as they where plantet – the boxes was like gravel and the 1 in the soil is my sand soil i have here. Also i place the 1 big box in shade to begin with to add to the breeding option as it would flower later – It succeded and when they began to make seed pods i took them inside, as i had a hare who ate them – you can se in the sites the progress – the seedheads i had to learn how to deal with them but could gues i had to cut them off as soon as the stems get yellow and then i layed them down on the box to dry more – then i could sense i had to put them in a drier place until they began to open – I can now se that i should had placed them more wide and in more light and help them crack open when – as 1/3 got moulded – i have seperated them and will try sow them – but as i know often they will not sprout – But i get a good seed crop and will sow them in bulb boxes near Winther.