I am 63 years old – I live in Denmark – on the big island Jylland.. in the middle

Now i am retired, being trough, a long recovering, – a stroke and brain inflammation, i luckily did, because i have an iron will. .and love to live – 1 can say, i reincarnated, as this is my new life, or said in another way – Now i live in the light, beeing the light and love.

i have good friends and 1 daughter and grandchildren, they all live with crystals – and they are, as i see it, incarnations in a higher degree – they do thing we have strugled all life for, naturaly, and they are all born under the – Blue People.. the new seed incarnations of the good part of Orion , the Tibetan Budist people in many incarnations – and their grand father was a Guru in this tradition.

I am born as a seer, my childhood was filled with spirits and people others could not se, i the choosed, as 4 years old, to close it down.. there after for some years, it became on the close level.. But my soul friends keep trying to come back to my life, so when i was 30 i began to search and learn about it, to recover this.. in some years very strong pictures and colors showed up in from of me, warnings and blessings – so i decided to open up again, and began the amazing life with them into my life – Deva s, little people, gnomes, all kind of spirits – I decided early.. to live only in the light, by serving the light and love, but met of course also the dark site, so i could learn to choose.. what is what.

More of my story :

Already when i was a child i had this little people with me
They lived in my windows sill.. and when i had questions they – lined up some figures together, that i understood – so when you teached us about little people i already knew them
Also you told us about that some of us could take the shape of Dolphins and other animals – and that we where able to be huge big but also tiny small in our form.

– I had my second awakening when i was in south France with some of my friends, i took a walk in the mountain edge and as i stood there looking down i suddenly flew out… and did fly like an eagle
Same night i dreamt i was an inca, i was a man and about living as an Inca – i had been facinated by them from my childhood where i had a book with a story told to children about the life there.

i had started my work on learning to understand my dreams 2 years before.. so i understood. it was some kind of initiation dream.. as i also had read the books, you know.- By Castaneda


Working with my dreams also learned me to travel in dreams and to come back to my body, and once i dreamt about the planet i am from – It is out in space not in our sun system.. but it has 2 moons, in the dream my ( in this life daughter also was ) i was home to collect some knowledge and i was so facinated by the moon that i stood up to touch it.. when i did that it melted and i got a little scared.. i did not wish to disturb the moon.. but found later it was a kind of women understanding i had there.

After this i was sure i was from the stars – then a lot of dreams came to me and i found that i have lived many times on the earth before – the first dream i had about the earth was :
My daughter wishes to stay on the earth as she has become in love in another living on the earth, i decided to go with her.. even i was told – I had to go into the earth Carma if i joined the earth to live on – so my next dream tells all about it :

I am in the middle of a kind of machine like a big clock and it turns and moves and nothing can stop it doing that.. at a time i get nearly crushed in this maschine.. but i learn to avoid beeing crushed and to bee in it

My next dream is :
I awake and find i am huge and i am laying on a stone bench.. my whole body is painted all over. .with symbols, i understand as i sit up that the painting is to avoid me waking up again – i look down the town and i can se a big tower where they had me in prison for many years until i died – but now i want to do.. what i came for.. i rise up and walk down to the water. .this tiny people are not able to stop me now and i go out in the sea i begin to built a bridge.. a bridge between the worlds – the many worlds / layers of understanding
This country was Messotanien.. something like that in name – a country before Rome.. but in same area

Then i have dreams where i understand i have lived as :
– a women living in the mountains in this big round houses.. i could sing a special way and did some magic – near Russia on the tundra
– a man i lived in Finland i was a kind of shaman and was tied when i did my travels, it was dark the most time we had reen dears
– I was Inoit i lived in a snow house and had children and a man going on hunt we ate moscus ox and slept in its skin
– i was native American i lived in tipi and did the Sundance

i learned that the most you can remember or go to.. is where one have had problems.

Later i learned Healing by the inner child by you Nomad Winterhawk

My 1 healing was with my girlfriend Helle and went good
At that time i lived in the town Gl Laven ( Old town Laven )
– and i began to practice
Spontan i did a healing all by myself – I found that i was able to be both places at once
( Later i have found – i have 2 souls in my body.. thats why i can do it )
So in theese years i healed about 8 – 10 inner childs.. and did get the lost soul parts back to my body.

When i met my man that i lived by for 20 years i had waken dreams.. i did hear the Sundance drums all the time he was near, and i got the message – that i would have to do some kind of Sundance.. by living with him .- this was true.. as he is borderline
So we had to walk his traumas very slowly
He has temper and first time i got scared by his way of being angry i had this dream :

i am a girl and i live in stoneland i have a brother and my mother and father.. i am very creative and wild and i play with everything so one day o found that i could use a big stone to ride on.. and i was riding down the hill – than my father came.. he was very angry and he yelled at me – i ban you.. this is forbidden.. now you will have to live over again..
When i awake i understood that – My man- in the dream my father was not able to accept the future and the movement of stones.

I had a dream, also an old one, where we did not speak but did handle – we made the pyramids the ones in Israel, we builded them by our minds together, we where able to move blocks of stones and place then precicely.. we believed when people later would se them , they would understand that it was not man made – we builded many pyramids as they are navigating on the earth in the grid made to protect the earth.

I also have a dream where i am on the Easter Islands, it was when the stones there, where still alive, they where walking around.

But this story is about to tell – Why i began to grow Peonies
Because we did not only go into Dolphins.. we did also go into Peonies

There came some new star people on the earth
They wanted to owe the earth and to take it all over – even we already where several star people living on mother earth
They wanted to kill us.. to destroy us.. thats why we had to go into theese animals and peonies
– Story to be continued…..

Nomad i have made a blog too -where i have planned to keep what i write here – as i for long time now have worked to get all this stories and old history together
You are so welcome to ask me questions or comment on this – if you like
Thanks for listening
You friend Luriel – Sabrina Solskin

I got a Follower : Brock Foster – Thunderbird medicine
Slept on it.. and found – He is, to me, what i for about 10 years ago – called him Mountain man from this dream – I did draw him and had the picture wisible, but had no clue at that time – only knew he was protecting me, and did follow me.. as now

-TheĀ  wisdom Dream :
I want to go to the wise man in the mountain in India – and ask him about my future
Ready to go -` The Mountain Man` is there, he has build a sleigh to be dragged behind him by oxe skin like we used to do as north American natives, when moving to our summer camp..there was a strong band he took on his big forehead on the skin was laying my medicine things
– we began to walk – Michael was with us.. but we knew he would possitive leave us when we have come to south France, where he would travel and live for a while in the mountains there
– we walked and the sun shined on us, a happy walk
– when we reached the mountain and the tower where an entrance for the wise man was – we got numbers, on when our speak would be
– Here we med Nomad Winterhawk – he was on the same road, and wanted to listen to the wise man to.
My turn and i got into the room and sat in front of the wise man
– he turned me around so i could look out over the mountains, while he was talking
The mystic thing is – I do not remember what he said

I Gues it was because – I was not ready to look at my future, but the words he said helped me later, when i had a stroke and brain inflammation, for nearly 1 month, to know – I would survive.