Why Orion ?

My father was an enlighted lama- by the Tibetan Buddist Monks – He was practising and when i was about 45 i contacted him again he now lived on the island Sjaeland with his women trough the last 25 years, I visited him and his new family and also later my daughter visiting him and made a family tree about our family and our auntsisters.
We had many good talks and enjoyed that we are so close, have been that since i was born – But he was too,  an ordinary person, so he wanted me to give up my life with Michael and move to their place and learn to practice the Tibetan buddism – As earlier i refused – I did my way he did his way, and he also have told me, that he knew ..it was the same visdom in both.. but it was a strong wish for him personal to be together with me, as he had missed me his whole life. i was the one he felt most related to

– I had to tell him that, i have had to solve this problems myself – trough my work with Nomad Winterhawk s teachings and the Healing by the inner Child tecnic i have learned, and my life with Michael – So i did not needed him as father anymore, i was satisfied with our releasionship and talks and that we where in our lives

– But he was sick i did not realise before it was to late – he had a lungcancer the main reason was that he smoked 80 cigarets each day, and had done it in nearly 40 years, so short after he got lung inflammation and he called me, and could only whisper, he had been told by the doctors that it was serious and that if he got it once more, they where not sure he could make it – 2 weeks later my sister called me on the phone and asked me to come over to her and to go to the hospital where he was laying with nr 2 lung inflammation –
I went to her and we visited him on the hospital – I had then worked with helping old people for nearly 8 years, and have had some dying and some in this phase of life, so i was prepared – but
When we entered the room where he was laying with lots of maschines and all kind of drops and mecanics for keeping him alive – i had the feeling that he was very close to go away and i was told i was forbidden to – remove anything – i took his hand and he imidetly reacted, he was happy that i was with him, and we sad there for some hours and i did talk to him, as i know, that people even in coma is awake – their soul is there – so we had about 2 hours together. .and i told him how i loved him and that i was happy that we could meet in spirit afterwords. i told him goodby and thanked him for what he had given me as a child- where he gave me unconditional love in my first 3- 4 years of my childhood – that i did forgive him that he had not beeing there when i needed him, then – but i did know that it was mainly my mother who had forbidden him to visit me – then we did leave and his women stayed with him – we where told he was close to dying and that if we where nearby they would call us, so we could visit him when he was dead.

We took to my sisters house and waited, already the next day they called us, and we took to the hospital again – when we entered the room his body looked very different.. because now his soul was not in it anymore.. but he was in the room.. his soul was.. i talked to his soul and greeted him and wished him a good jouney –  My sister who do not believe in such was so sad and cryed and cryed, and could not understand why i could take it with such an calm – but i told her that i could feel him and his soul in the room, thats why i said – he will come again and visit us in his spirit form.

We went to the funeral in a little house behind the place he would be burned afterwords, and it was very good to have this part of it with , it was not a big church, but only few family members, we sang song he loved and he smiled to me from his place near the alter – afterwords we had this little goodby party and then i moved home again.

Nearly 2 month did go and then one day i was in the garden and he came to me, and walked the garden together with me when we where talking together, he said he would be there for me and for my children and grandchildren and help us, as he could.
And he has been.. all of the children and my daughter he has helped and they know him.

short after i noticed that he was on the planet Orion – as he said – the good site of Orion – and that all the lama´s from the Tibetan Buddism also lived there
So my grandchildren where – Seeds of Orion
Also called – The Blue People – this people i had been with the others at the seaside by the ocean – called Vester Sea – when we helped them to rise down on the earth. to later being birded in a body.