My own view of Crystals !!

Crystals – stones, has been a part of my life, as long as i remember, had them in my pockets, from walking to school, from town but often by nature – they spoke to me.

Later i added the colours . Alway beeing creative, in my mid 30 – my education started. higher education, a place called `Den Frie Lærer skole `teacher to educate children youngsters and grown up s, lived by the place and colored all around me, walls furnitures, my cloth. some remember me as..ohh this golden , as my favorite colours where golden and turquise …

But still stones every way. here in nature i also began to collect wood, new people and new intersts, as education often is about – who am i, so i learned to use Dreams ,Astrology, Tarot cards, Numerologi and also began to paint, draw and all kind of crativity , later personal courses as how to read the body language,  and shaman course, by skilled shamans, how to make water medicine how to work ceremoniel by nature forces.

– New friends i got by this and a girlfriend who s father was gold smith, .. Gemstones in rings  – she had a friend who lived in Brasil and was married to a women there, who had a brother that where searching and finding crystals.This friend took them to Denmark and we where the first to se them and choose by the best. This is over 25 years ago, crystals where beginning to come to the marked, so we where first movers here, i made a huge collection as i believed i should sell them – At that time realy amazing and clear crystals came – later we got to know, that it not always was gently ways they collected them.

this man could not find out to handle all the interest he got, and specialy from beautifull women, so he believed he could, have more than 1 women – but his wife did not agree and went back to Brasil, with their 2 daughters.
In the shaman course i had later i began to work with the crystals, and began to remember, i had worked with them before. I found that this crystals had an big energy ,even small in size,

By that time it was famous to have them polished, and people found that raw where to primitive – But the workers that did it, was gentle and could feel the crystals, so they did not disturb their energy.

Nowadays it is more fashioned to have raw crystals –  But most importend is their energy. I did sell crystals in some years and little markeds – But my interest in learning more about how to make my own web site – how to create blogs and my own materials, was more importend.

Later – ( as i have not been on the crystal marked for some years ) – I have found, there are many myths and stories, mainly fantasies when not having the source, about the different crystals and their ways to help us.

the shaman i re remembered by called the Mother Earths memory…
But as we now also knows – Earlier wisdom people s way of storing knowledge, from their time lapse…Specialy the continents sunken down into the deep waters.
Lemurien and Atlantis

The way i began to remembering more by earlier Lifes was- By i learned the sacred healing method -Healing of the wounded Child !
Some wise ones related to western humans and ancient north american traditions, made a way to – restore wounds from the child hood -As they knew that to be a whole person, you need to heal thoose wounds – as they make us easy to cheat or trap into.. – the left woonded ways of living..This way uses the knowledge – that the body remembers
– So everything that has happened, and specialy traumatic things is stil in the body, so asking the body.. you get symbols that are able to interact without the brain knowledge set in, and without goint into the trauma – as doing so would give extra trauamas on top of the 1 – By doing it – there is a healer / Guide and you – the guide writes down what is happening and guide you into the body knowings.. also the Guide knows, by your voice, where you are and when to stop.. go further and go back.
Trough this sessions, where also earlier Lifes can be a part of the trauma, i had earlier life traumas and learned how to go there, also after wards – When you first accept, that it is possible and you can gain knowledge about your soul travels on this planet, its an eye opener.

I found i had 10 – 12 so called time locks – or life traumas, some of them had earlier life traumas in them, so when doing them i gain knowledge about many of my earlier Lifes, that s why i discovered i had lived these Lifes on the globe – or mother earth

Open eyes to find i was able to discover earlier lifes, also called regression – I had for so many years now, written my dreams down, so i have and have a big resource, and i found when i began also to paint them.. some new details revailed, that i did not know of before – and i found i had worked with stones and crystals earlier in my lifes.

Already when i was in the 30 `when i began working creative, and was on a school i was learning by called Langelands Art high school – here when i began to work with clay and burning teknics i spontanely discovered earlier lifes – I had for some time before the dream had dreams when i was shaman in Greenland –
In this dream :
I am a native in Greenland i am out to catch some seal, i am standing at my normal place on a big white stone, where there is a hollow hole down into the water i am looking down the hole.. suddenly i se a dolphin down there looking up on me..then there is a shift and i am the dolphin looking up on the native standing up there on the white stone.. looking into his eyes.. then i slip the sight and look out on the ocean where my dolphin family is.. and i swim out to my family

At that time i have learned that making the dream, drawing it ir paining it, i could find out, what was behing the dream, but this time i began to modeling the dream, i modeled the landchape and the white stone i put on top of the landchape – then the modeling had to be burned in the oven – and under the burning the white stone exploded and was then seperated from the landshape.. I wondered – was something hapened in Greenland ? – as i felt this white stone was , my stone, my place i belonged to on the earth, as i now did know, we have some bindings several places on the earth, where we have our powers
So i decided i would find out.. about white stone in Greenland

Coming home from this school i began searching in history about Greenland and a big white stone – and found in reality there had been a big white stone made of the stone Kryolit – some has discovered that the material in it could be used when you would make aluminium for airplanes, so they exploded this white stone and sailed it to where they would built airplanes – so as my stone exploded, the true stone was exploded.. later i captures some real stone of kryolit, as some of it also had come to the stone and crystal marked – I felt calmed and on my right track.













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